This guy’s Tinder costume just made the Internet blow up

All right, guys. It’s been a couple days since Halloween, and we’ve been trying to determine who was the official 2015 winner of Halloween costumes. There have been quite a few contenders — Beyonce as a badass Storm, Lena Dunham as a Planned Parenthood doctor, four-year-old Sullivan as Hillary Clinton, and a group of college friends as a ’90s wedding, just to name a few.

But Matt Borgelt has given all of them a serious run for their money with his costume: The infamous online dating platform we all know and love (or hate, depending on who you’re talking to). Tinder.

There have been plenty of people who’ve dressed up as Tinder over the last couple years.


After all, it is one of the most famous apps when it comes to online dating. But Matt turned up the creativity knob to the MAX with his costume. His is interactive (ooooh, fancy!). He recently posted a video of his costume to Instagram; the costume features several, erm, not-so-perfect matches that you can swipe left. Then, you get to Matt’s profile, and when you swipe right (obviously), a mirror and a sign that says “It’s A Match!” pops up. Brilliant, right? Check it out:

Yep. We give Matt a 10/10 for his ingenuity. And so does the Internet, apparently. 17 hours ago, Matt uploaded his costume to Imgur, where it has since received over 3.5 million views. “That is unbelievably clever,” one Imgurian commented. “I swipe right to this costume,” another commented. And still another: “That is some cute sh*t! 10/10 would swipe right.”

Halloween done right: Looks like Matt’s creativity may find him some love. Who needs Tinder when you’ve got a Tinder costume?

(Image via Instagram.)