For Pride Month, Tinder will throw a $100K wedding for a LGBTQ couple who met through the app

It’s Pride Month, and Tinder is launching an awesome contest in support. To celebrate their LGBTQ+ community, the app wants to throw a wedding for a couple with the best success story. And, by the way, not just any ol’ wedding. A, get ready, wait for it…$100,000 wedding. So if you’ve been lucky enough to meet your soulmate on the app, this contest is for you! Talk about being rewarded for swiping right.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering how this whole contest thing came about. Well, according to Tinder’s sociologist, Dr. Jess Carbino, the platform has served as a safe place for LGBTQ+ users to have open communication since its inception. And as a result, a ton of users have success stories to share. And the company have the findings to prove it.

According to Carbino:

"Tinder is seen as the app for LGBTQ+ singles seeking a meaningful relationship," and not just for random hookups, as many have deemed.

She came to this conclusion after launching numerous focus groups with members of the LGBTQ+ community over the years.

According to Tinder’s LGBTQ+ Dating Survey results, the statement pans out. Apparently, more than half of the site’s LGBTQ+ users believe that their quest for digital love will lead to a happily ever after.

And Tinder wants to ensure that one of their lucky couples get the wedding of their dreams.

The scoop on entering? Using the #TinderSuccessStory hashtag on Instagram, post a picture of you and your partner. And share your love story in the text. You know, for extra swooning! Tag @tinder in the photo, and you’re set.

Look at some of these adorbs entries!


This couple looks so happy!

The contest continues through the end of June, with the big winners chosen July 5th. But leading up to the deadline, we’ll indulge in all of the adorable, heart-warming love stories. You know, we’re not envious of the judges one bit. Because we know they’re going to have a tough time choosing just one couple! May love always win.

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