Tina Knowles revealed more information about Beyoncé’s push party

While she stayed quiet on news of the twins, Tina Knowles shared information about Beyoncé’s push party that occurred just the other day. And while we wish she could spill the beans on more (since we’re anxiously awaiting the newest additions to the Carter family) we appreciate everything we can get. Especially since the push party looked pretty glamorous.

The party was attended by a bunch of guests, including Serena Williams (who also sported her bump) and Beyoncé’s past bandmates from Destiny’s Child.

Curious about what a push party is? Instead of a shower, which celebrates the baby (or babies, in this case) it celebrates the parents-to-be instead.

We have a feeling that Beyonce is totally going to make push parties more of a “thing.”

Of course, Knowles was present to celebrate. And while she definitely helped make the party fun, she’s not taking all the credit.


"It was excellent, we had so much fun. Nice and intimate, and just a lot of fun," Knowles said of the event. "I think a lot came from me, but also, just like the shower, that's her vision, and I just help make it come alive."

According to Richard Lawson, who Knowles has been married to since 2015, Knowles should be pretty proud of what she helped create. After all, she’s always been “unrelenting about her vision.”

If only she could help style our parties, too.

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