Tina Fey Described Parenting Her Daughters as Having an “Office Crush,” and It’s Too Real

"You're thinking about them a lot more than they're thinking about you."

Tina Fey knows firsthand the struggle of parenting daughters, especially teens and preteens. The mom of 15-year-old Alice and 9-year-old Penelope popped into The Tonight Show to visit her good friend Jimmy Fallon on May 21st and opened up about some of her LOL-worthy moments with her girls.

Fey jokingly noted how all she ever wants to do is talk about her daughters, but when they’re at the age they’re at now, talking about them is strictly forbidden. “They’re like, ‘Absolutely not. Do not talk about me, do not show your friends a picture of me, nothing,'” she said.

But perhaps the most *real* anecdote Fey had about her daughters was when she compared them to an office crush. You know how it goes—it’s the person you’re terrified to talk to but can’t get out of your head.

“Having a teenage daughter is like having an office crush, because you’re thinking about them a lot more than they’re thinking about you,” she said. “And you just go up to their door and you’re like, ‘A bunch of us are going to eat dinner—you’re probably busy.’ Or, ‘Some of us thought it’d be cool, like, to put a movie…uh, never mind, never mind.'”

It’s so relatable it hurts.

Fey, who shares her daughters with her husband, Jeff Richmond, doesn’t actually talk about them very much—choosing to keep her home life on the DL. She doesn’t even have social media! So it’s always a treat when we get a glimpse into her life with her girls, whom we imagine are just as lovable and funny as the Saturday Night Live alum.

As for the thought that teens and preteens are *just* like your office crush, well, we couldn’t possibly think of a better way to describe it.

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