Tina Fey is not a fan of Oscar acceptance speeches

One of Tina Fey’s favorite thing in life is when Muppets present at award shows.


And seeing as how that didn’t happen during Sunday’s Academy Award’s telecast, a lot was left to be desired from the funny lady, especially when it came to the acceptance speeches. If you ask Fey, none of them made much sense.

She’s not talking about the fact that some very well deserving people won (ahem, Leo and beautiful land mermaid Brie Larson), but the fact that, “Everyone is telling [her] what to do.”

Talking to Howard Stern on his SiriusXM radio show, she explained that, “halfway through [the show], I was like, ‘This is some real Hollywood bullshit.’ People yelling at me about rape and corporate greed, but really it’s climate change. I was like, ‘Guys, pick a lane. We’re [not] going to fix everything tonight.’”

“[It was] too much coming at me,” she continued. “Also, [everyone there is] rich, why are you yelling at me about corporate greed?”

If you think she’s talking specifically about Leo’s climate change speech, she’s not. Fey, like everyone else, was thrilled when he won, adding, “I always am psyched when someone [like Leo] is articulate about those things because, let’s face it, actors are very stupid. A lot of times when you let them talk, oof. But [Leo’s] so smart, and his speech was so cogent.”

So don’t expect Fey to go rushing back to the Oscars, let alone Hollywood—the city—anytime soon, adding, “I am so glad I live [in New York City].”

As long as Fey’s always up for a visit, we’ll be okay.

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