Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon do five (ridiculous) impressions in three minutes

You’d think that comedy geniuses could do it all, but it turns out Tina Fey has one specific weakness: impressions. That’s exactly why, when she appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night, he made her do three full minutes of the craziest impressions he could think of. Hilarity ensued.

Of course, being a talented comedian himself, Jimmy couldn’t help but join in. However, as Tina points out in the beginning, he’s much better than her. This contrast makes for an amazing game, even if we don’t think we could have guessed some of the impressions had they not been written on the screen.

Tina kicked things off with an impression of Jack Nicholson, followed by Sofia Vergara and then Elmo, while Jimmy absolutely killed it as Barbara Walters and Morgan Freeman. It’s an eclectic group, which made their impressions that much more ridiculous

However, just because she has issues with impressions doesn’t mean Tina isn’t amazing at everything else, and we’ll get to see her in action in Sisters, which hits theaters on December 18th.

Watch the hilarious impressions clip below!

(Image via YouTube)

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