Tina Fey channels her dark side at Disney World

What happens when Tina Fey, the original “Mean Girl,” visits the happiest place on earth? Cattiness? Duplicity? Tricking new “friends” into riding the biggest roller coasters and then spreading those awkward, mid-scream photos all over social media?

Well, clearly, first task is to seek out the cool kids.

Earlier this week, Tina visited Disney World and met up with ladies who understand the value of your reputation: Cinderella’s wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters.

Fey’s sass-filled photo was taken on a break from working on her upcoming Mean Girls musical, according to a Disney spokesperson.  The comedienne wrote the original script for the 2004 film, which starred Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Amanda Seyfried as well as Fey.

The photo op, staged or not, is hardly the first time Fey has stopped by Disney World for a little fun. She posed with both monsters and fans back in 2014:

We’ve got to wonder if all this Disney love is related to news from a while back that Fey was developing a “witch-themed” project for the Mouse House. On the other hand, Tina makes no bones about the influence of all things Disney in her household. “I love Disney and my two girls are fully immersed in the lifestyle,” she told People last year. “From princesses — Frozen of course is a really big deal — up to Disney X D, it’s really popular in our house.”

Whether she’s working on top secret projects or just being a great mom, we can’t wait to see more of Tina in the Magic Kingdom soon!

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