And now, Tina Fey lip syncing to Beyoncé’s ***Flawless

On Tuesday night, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Tituss Burgess posted a video to Instagram, lip-syncing Beyoncé’s “***Flawless” along withco-star Jane Krakowski and Kimmy co-creator Tina Fey. Unsurprisingly, it was absolutely incredible — and we’re still recovering from its greatness.

The three are currently on a press tour for season two of Kimmy, and the video appears to be taken while en route between events. From the video, it’s obvious these three know their Beyoncé — and Fey, in particular, totally nails every word. Even Burgess breaks out into laughter at the end.

Of course, the video is also extra special because Fey is a pretty notorious social media holdout: In a Today Show interview from 2011, she explained in depth why doesn’t use it; and in a now-deleted video from 2013, she offered her (hilarious) take on why she just really hates Twitter. (As Burgess’ hashtags so eloquently put it, “#janegetontwitter #tinaiknowyouwon’t”.) Even today, Fey steers clear — but we think her Instagram cameo was well worth the wait.

Watch the trio do Bey justice for yourself below!

(Image via Instagram.)

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