15 times Tina Fey and Amy Poehler perfectly described you and your BFF’s lives

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are national treasures, let’s just get that out of the way, yes? And while we love them individually, we love them even more together. Their amazing friendship isn’t just magical, but it’s also the perfect illustration of our very own relationships with our BFF’s.

1. Like when you weren’t afraid of looking like fools on the dance floor as long as it was together…

2. …even if it was just the two of you…alone…in your apartment.

3. When someone wronged your BFF and there was only one message you had for them.

4. When you had a rough day and knew your BFF was the only one who’d TRULY understand.

5. When your soulmate status was confirmed the moment you both ogled the same ~eye candy~.

6. When you got excited about ~tackling problems~ because you could do it together.

7. When your fun times together only got better with a few strong drinks.

8. When you walked into a room together feeling double the confidence because you had each other’s back no matter what.

9. When you gave each other sage-like advice, but only because you care.

10. When your BFF was out of town and it basically felt like a part of you was missing.

11. When you finished each other’s sentences, because OBVIOUSLY you share the same mind.

12. When a photo never felt complete without BOTH of you in it.

13. When you bought a surprise gift for your BFF and it was better than Christmas.

14. When your love for each other looked a litttttle questionable to everyone else, but was awesome to you both (so WHO CARES!).

15. And finally, when you knew there was no one more perfect for you in this world than your BFF.

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