Tina Fey admitted her daughter relates more to “Mean Girls'” Regina George than Cady Heron

Kids will always find a way to surprise you. Just ask Tina Fey, who admitted her daughter relates to Regina George way more than she does Cady Heron. And if you’re familiar with Mean Girls and Fey in general, you might not have thought that’d be the case.

Fey has two daughters — 12-year-old Alice and 6-year-old Penelope. Alice recently admitted to digging Parks and Recreation way more than 30 Rock (which is hilarious), and now Penelope has decided to let her mom know that the message Fey carefully placed in Mean Girls was simply not received.

We have to admit, this is pretty funny as well.


When host Seth Meyers asked her about Mean Girls, Fey explained that her daughters were well aware of the hit film and have even accompanied her to a few rehearsals of the upcoming Broadway show. But that probably just emphasized Regina’s coolness in Penelope’s eyes.

"All the wrong takeaways," Fey joked. "She was going back to her preschool, being like, 'Let's play Mean Girls. I'm Regina. I yell at you.'"

At least Fey knows to be pretty careful about her projects going forward. (She also admitted that her daughters are starting to wise up to the fact that their mom tells stories about them on late night television shows.) We have to say, we’re a bit curious as to how Alice and Penelope will react to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which Fey co-created and often stars in. Hopefully they won’t end up idolizing Richard Wayne Gary Wayne.

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