Tina and Amy have a new movie coming out, commence shouts of pure joy

Good news: Tina Fey has a new movie coming out.

Even BETTER news: her co-star is Amy Poehler.

You read that right — our favorite imaginary best friends are teaming up for a new comedy called Sisters, out in December. They just released a teaser trailer for the flick, which is a mere 20 seconds long (give us more!), but it’s a beautiful forecast of all the cry-laughing to come.

This isn’t the first movie we’ve seen the Poehler/Fey deities co-star in ensemble. Remember Baby Mama? We kiiiiinnddd of blacked that one out, but we have incredibly high hope for Sisters. I mean, if their spot-on patter from the Golden Globes last night is any indicator at all, these two have learned JUST how to make funny things happen together.

Trailer alert:

So to recap this trailer: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are playing SISTERS (nothing has ever been more right in the history of cinema). We see them dance, they get pedicures, they wear amazingly awkward outfits and dance some more. You know, sister stuff.

Any chance to see these two ladies act together is a win, so put this on your 2015 Christmas schedule.

Oh and btw, I hereby declare this celebrity friend power couple name Tamy! Or maybe Foehler? Either works for me.

And lastly: TINA/AMY 2016.

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