Fans Can’t Get Enough of Timothée Chalamet’s Harry Styles Impression on ‘SNL’

Twitter is fully in flames after Chalamet dressed up as Styles to talk "Watermelon Sugar."

On the December 12th episode of Saturday Night Live, Timothée Chalamet played host, and also fellow heartthrob Harry Styles, during a skit called “Dionne Warwick Talk Show.” Needless to say, the mashup of Chalamet and Styles was a lot for fans to take in, and Twitter blew up shortly after the skit aired.

In the sketch, Chalamet put on an accent and dressed in Gucci-esque duds to sit down with Warick, played by Ego Nwodim, who hilariously just couldn’t place him. Warwick then decided to like Styles after he revealed he didn’t know who her nemesis Wendy Williams was.

Later in the sketch, SNL cast member Chloe Fineman sat down with Nwodim’s Warwick and did her iconic Chalamet impression—the full-circle moment was perfect.

As soon as Chalamet sat down in his Styles getup, Twitter went up in flames. How lucky are we to be living in this moment?

That’s all stan Twitter needed, TBH.

There was just so much to process, yet so little time. Did we really just see Chalamet as Styles or is this all a figment of our imagination?

Those 13-year-old girls are right. This *is* a cultural reset.

Either that, or this mashup is too powerful and has created a black hole somewhere that will inevitably swallow us whole. We’re not sure yet.

We may not be able to be fashion icon Harry Styles, but we can definitely be purest boy Timothée Chalamet as fashion icon Harry Styles. 2021, come at us.

We don’t see us/Twitter/the world calming down any time soon after Saturday Night Live caused this much chaos in the stan zone. As long as we continue to take deep breaths, we should come out of this Chalamet-as-Styles induced frenzy unscathed.

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