Timothée Chalamet did a photo shoot for “GQ,” and people cannot handle their emotions

Gary Oldman may be the frontrunner for Best Actor for the 2018 Academy Awards in March, but let’s face it: Timothée Chalamet doesn’t need the Oscar to be the biggest winner of the year. Before last year, Chalamet was a budding actor best known for supporting roles in Interstellar, Homeland, and Men, Women & Children. But after a tour de force performance as Elio in Call Me By Your Name — not to mention a scene-stealing role as Kyle, the Howard Zinn-reading terrible boyfriend in Lady Bird — the era of Timothée Chalamet has officially arrived.

Yesterday, while we were racing around to find the perfect 11th hour gift for our Valentine (or ourselves, of course), GQ was busy dropping the most spectacular Valentine’s Day gift of all: unveiling Timothée Chalamet as its newest cover star.

While the profile encapsulates what we’ve come to know about the actor, including his genuine enthusiasm for just about everything, it’s the spectacular photo shoot accompanying the piece that has taken the internet by storm. Simply put, these photos by Ryan McGinley are a delight. They scream, “Sure, Lil Timmy Tim raps about statistics, but did you know he also moonlights as a model?” 


But while it’s often hard to put a finger on what is so appealing about Chalamet — because the truth is, there’s so much to be said about the actor — Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig has summed it up perfectly. She told GQ, “He’s Christian Bale, Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio. A heartthrob but with thoroughbred acting chops. Everyone else will be amazed by what he grows into, but I won’t — I’ve always known that he’s a unicorn.”

Naturally, Chalamet’s GQ Valentine’s Day gift just about broke Twitter:



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Seriously though, happy belated Valentine’s Day to GQ and Timothée Chalamet for single-handedly bringing us all together with love on this very divisive holiday.

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