The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund just hit a major crowdfunding record—proving it’s still going strong

It’s been almost a year since the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund was established to help victims of workplace sexual harassment and assault with their legal fees. And now, the fund is reportedly the largest GoFundMe campaign of 2018.

BuzzFeed News reported today, December 6th, that the Time’s Up GoFundMe page has raised more than $22 million since it launched in December 2017. This means the campaign earned more money than any other GoFundMe page this year. To put the amount of donations into perspective, BuzzFeed pointed out that Time’s Up received almost as much money as 2017’s top 10 campaigns combined, which pulled in $23.5 million. And although users raised more than $30 million for the victims of the recent California wildfires, this money was spread out across several campaigns.

According to the National Women’s Law Center, which created the fund, more than 3,700 people have reached out to Time’s Up for help with legal or PR fees, 67.6% of which came from those who qualify as low-income. So far, Time’s Up has committed to funding 68 cases.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Roberta Kaplan, one of the fund’s co-founders, acknowledged that there’s still a lot to be done when it comes to dealing with workplace harassment.

"I don’t even think we’re in the first half of the baseball game here," Kaplan told Bloomberg. "We’re in maybe the second or third inning. The pervasiveness of the problem has been stunning. There’s a lot more work that needs to be done and a lot more women out there who are going to want to tell their stories."

While the news is an undeniable sign of progress, BuzzFeed also notes that there are more than 4,500 GoFundMe campaigns to benefit sexual misconduct survivors, many of which don’t meet their goals. Time’s Up is doing great work, but it’s vital to remember that a single organization can’t solve this problem on its own. That said, it’s exciting to see so many people taking action to make a difference, and we applaud everyone behind the inspiring campaign.

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