21 times “Arthur” perfectly nailed what it’s like being an adult

As the longest running animated children’s series Arthur is firmly cemented into our lives as like one of THE best shows ever. And because this landmark show has been on the air for 20 years, it’s basically been right there alongside us as we grew into adults (or at least ~trying~ adults).

Here’s a look at all the times Arthur perfectly nailed what it’s like being an adult.

1. When you found yourself relying on personality quizzes to tell you who you are.

2. When THIS was how you wanted to spend the entire weekend.

3. When you realized your memory was not as good as it used to be.

4. When you were convinced you were the only SANE person around.

5. When you had no patience when it came to diets.

6. When your Netflix addiction made you believe your TV was basically a real person.

7. When you had to start writing notes to yourself for the smallest things because life was just so damn busy.

8. When it felt like NO ONE got you.

9. When YOU thought you were totally healthy, but then your doctor brought you back to reality.

10. When ~kids~ made you feel super awkward for not being up-to-date with technology.

11. When you found it increasingly hard to retain information you JUST learned.

12. When hunger pretty much got the best of you…every. Damn. Time.

13. When you REALLY just wanted to stay inside, at home, all day.

14. When you found yourself snacking…like a lot, because DUH snacking is the best.

15. When you were perfectly happy talking to non-humans (like your phone or a cat!) when put in an awkward situation.

16. When you were forced to low-key ask your family for a little financial help.

17. When the littlest things in life made you oh-so-happy.

18. When your friends told you about a new workout they’re doing and you felt lazy AF.

19. When your friends inadvertently offended you because you thought you were ~way~ more desirable than you actually are.

20. When you realized being a cat lady might actually be your true calling in life.

21. And finally, when this was your idea of the perfect Friday night.

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