Today is 4/8/15, and do you know what that means? It’s ‘Lost’ Day

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. If you were a fan of Lost, you understand the significance of those numbers. When they were first introduced on the show, no one knew what they meant. Their origins were just as mysterious as almost everything else related to the island. And most of us, along with Hurley, spent hours analyzing and over-analyzing their meaning. In the end, it was revealed that each of the numbers corresponded to a different survivor designated to assume Jacob’s role as protector of the island — but even then, things were confusing. Maybe it’s best if we don’t open that box again.

Well look at those first three numbers now, and then look at your calendar: today is Lost Day, my friends, and it’s a day we’ve been waiting YEARS for. At exactly 4:23:42 p.m., April 8, 2015, it will be 4/8/15, 16:23:42. Pretty trippy, right? We’re getting the impression that Hurley is somewhere out there trying to figure out what it all means.

In celebration of Lost day, which will only come around once in our lifetimes, here are a few ways to honor the occasion.

Buy a lottery ticket

Sure, it may not exactly end for you the way that it ended for Hurley, but you can bet there is at least a small handful of fans out there trying to play the numbers today — at their own risk.

Listen to Drive Shaft

Granted, they only had one hit song — “You All Everybody” — but that song is one of the catchiest tunes in recent TV music history. When it comes to unofficial soundtracks, Lost has one of the best. In addition to “You All Everybody,” and the fantastic score by Michael Giacchino, there are a lot of radio-ready pop hits to honor the show with, like Joe Purdy’s “Wash Away,”Damien Rice’s “Delicate,” and Willie Nelson’s “Are You Sure?”

Eat some peanut butter

It’s the one thing Claire craves the most when she’s pregnant, and since they’re in severe lack of it on the island Charlie charms us all by using a little bit of imagination. In Claire’s honor, make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Trust me, her character deserves it after everything she went through.

Play some board games

Board games are one of Locke’s favorite pastimes, and while you’ll need a partner to do this, the two of you can sit back and debate the merits of good versus evil while playing games like Risk and Backgammon.

And of course, watch some Lost

What better way to celebrate Lost day than by watching some great episodes? I may even be tempted to pop in the pilot and see if I can resist the urge to binge watch season one all over again. Things might have gotten a little murky towards the end of the show, but at least most of these characters wound up in a good place.

Happy Lost Day, everyone!

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