This time lapse video of the Northern Lights will soothe and mesmerize you

As if we needed another reason to expand our travel bucket list, this time lapse video of the Northern Lights we spotted at Gizmodo has us ready to pack our bags, apply a Northern Lights nail design and head due north for a night underneath the shimmering sky, except we can’t seem to pry ourselves away from the mesmerizing footage.

Filmed at Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park by filmmakers at More Than Just Parks, the stunning images mirror those that magically appear on our favorite Aurora Borealis coffee mug, only the footage gets us super pumped without the presence of caffeine.

Seriously, look at this footage of the sun setting over a lake, fall foliage against blue skies and the Northern Lights doing a colorful nighttime dance and try to fight the urge to do a back flip in the name of nature:

SIGHS. Can we all just hold hands, sing and cry in harmony at the planet’s natural beauty? No worries, though: We’ll allow you to keep one hand free for booking one-way tickets to Minnesota’s little piece of heaven on Earth.