This time-lapse video of food thawing is strangely relaxing, which is exactly what you need today

For what feels like the millionth time today, we’ve become captivated by yet another random internet find: Stereokroma’s time-lapse video of food thawing under a macro lens. Before you start in on us, don’t even bother grilling us about the origin of our strange food-watching fascination because we can only shrug in response. We are exhausted from 2016 and basically don’t need anyone judging our relaxation journey.

Also, us being in love with this video is pretty typical. Think about it: We’re the same people who completely (and shamelessly) related to the internet’s obsession with pictures of a frozen tomato, so we can’t properly articulate why watching yet another video of things melting is a priority right now, but it just is.

We don’t know. There’s just something about the way frost melts off this frozen pea that puts us at ease:

Also, it gives us inexplicable pleasure to watch this pomegranate thawing:

And we couldn’t resist including the tomato, aka the unofficial VIP of food thawing videos:

We hate to bring this up while there’s food on the screen, but maybe we’re like the 22 million people who watched a blackhead video. Perhaps sitting around and observing these slow processes has some sort of meditative effect on us because we definitely feel more relaxed after watching.

Also, we might be feeling a tad bit hungrier but that’s a viewing side effect that we can easily remedy.

Anyway, if you’re really into this sort of food thawing thing, Stereokroma is also offering a calendar of the images included in the video to keep your foodie voyeurism fed year round.