This time-lapse video of crystals being “born” is spectacular and we can’t stop watching it

And now comes the time of the day when we all gather and gleefully marvel at the awesomeness of science. Per The Daily Dot, Italian chemistry student Emanuele Fornasier created a time-lapse video of crystals being formed and it’s simply spectacular.

Titled “Crystal Birth,” the three-minute video captures the beauty of electrocrystallization, a process ThisisColossal describes as an electric current “run through a chemical solution, causing metal deposits to form over a period of several hours or days.”

Perhaps watching a breathtaking crystal birth time-lapse back in high school would’ve made us more likely to succeed in science, turning out mad scientists-in-training like clockwork. The time for that has passed, but there’s no doubt that this video gives us a new appreciation for chemical reactions (dear Krebs cycle, this does not mean you).

Just had to get that out of the way. Now, behold the beauty of crystals being born:

Well, that was refreshing and unexpectedly put us in a calming, meditative mood. Obviously, science is good for a number of things, such as affirming our love of cheese (thanks science) and letting us know there’s a fact-based reason behind hating the word moist, and we are most grateful to add the process of electrocrystallization to that list.