This time-lapse video of a man assembling a 33,600-piece puzzle is absolutely incredible

Our brains are buzzing after watching this incredible time-lapse video of a man assembling a 33,600-piece puzzle. Completed with no assistance (and a ton of patience, obvs), this ambitious individual managed to put together “Wildlife,” one of the world’s largest jigsaw puzzles without completely losing his mind.

As Gizmodo reports, this isn’t the first time someone solved the massive “Wildlife” jigsaw puzzle, but this video shows us precisely how much time, effort and space it takes to accomplish the feat. After witnessing the assembly process, we definitely don’t think we want to try our hands at this monstrous task, but it’s still pretty cool to see someone (else) pull it all together.

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According to the video description, this puzzle solver took NINE months (!) to assemble Educa’s “Wildlife,” which reportedly measures five feet wide and 18 feet long and comes packaged in 10 separate bags.

In the clip, he begins by spreading the puzzle pieces out into 10 sections. He assembles the end sections first and strategically works his way towards the middle. At one point, he begins to concentrate on smaller sections, which made us dizzy just from watching.

After multiple sunrises, sunsets, and outfit changes, the fully assembled puzzle is revealed in all its glory. It’s pretty impressive and takes up an entire room that could easily be used as an office space or spare bedroom.

Also, the time-lapse of the puzzle installation is just as mind-blowing.

Not only is this “Wildlife” puzzle a time and space-consuming hobby, it’s also a rather pricey one. The puzzle is currently listed on eBay for $300.