Watching this time-lapse of blooming cherry blossoms is the most mesmerizing way to enjoy spring

No matter where you go lately, chances are you’re seeing cherry blossoms in bloom. And, in case you aren’t near any, watching this time-lapse of blooming cherry blossoms is the most mesmerizing way to enjoy spring, as we learned from Sploid. Jack Johnston captured the drone footage for the video. You’ll see pre-blossoms and then when they’re in full bloom.

Of course, in creating a time-lapse video, one must recreate the same flight multiple times, Sploid pointed out. And the end result is truly a work of art — not just the cherry blossoms, but all the work that goes into capturing the footage.

Take a look at the cherry blossoms video for yourself, and spring will be all around you within seconds.

Beautiful, right?! We can practically smell the cherry blossoms through our computer screens! And doesn’t the music put you in the calmest mood, too?!

What inspired Johnston to create the above? He captured ~many~ aerial timelapses of cherry trees blossoming in Japan for a BBC Springwatch special, reported Sploid. He chose a minute-and-a-half worth of shots for the above video, and are we ever glad we were able to see it.

Of course, seeing cherry blossoms in Japan is an ~amazing~ experience.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the first blossoms usually appear in January, in Okinawa. Then, they slowly move up the archipelago and pass through Japan’s central islands, such as Kyoto and Toyko, in late March and early April. Then, the phenomenon heads further north to places like Hokkaido in early May.

Headed to Japan? There is even a cherry blossom forecast so you know where to see them, and when, courtesy of Kyuhoshi Japan Travel & Culture Guide.

Though there are plenty of cherry blossoms to see throughout the U.S., now we have yet another reason to visit Japan! #TravelGoals, amirite?!