There’s a reason your imaginary BF Tim Riggins smolders instead of communicates — and it’s all because of Taylor Kitsch

You remember Tim Riggins, Friday Night Lights’ lovable bad boy with a heart of gold, right? I mean, he singlehandedly introduced the position of fullback to an entire generation of non-football fans on a show about high school football — but also so much more.

But in addition to being known as the sometimes morally-compromised, hard-partying football player — who generally speaking, had the best intentions — Tim was definitely known for being a man of few words. While, sure, he had lines here and there, most notably something along the lines of “Lyla,” “I can read, you joke,” and the iconic “Texas Forever,” Tim mostly flipped his hair and smoldered.

But it turns out, there is an alternate reality where sometimes Tim Riggins speaks…a lot.

Taylor Kitsch, who played Tim, recently revealed in a new GQ profile that it was his idea for Tim to be a man of few words, but many looks. Kitsch is returning to Texas — where he technically always lives, but that’s besides the point — in Waco, a six-part miniseries chronicling the 1993 stand-off between the FBI, ATF, and David Koresh’s cult. Speaking with GQ about Waco, his career, and most importantly, Friday Night Lights, the actor dropped the bombshell.

According to the actor, he intentionally cut his own lines, and replaced them “with looks.” As GQ writes:

"'That monologue — I'm not going to say that,' he'd tell other actors. 'And then here, when you ask me a question, I'm just not going to say anything.'"

Tim Riggins in a nutshell:



Honestly, we couldn’t even imagine Tim Riggins as someone who had monologues. That’s like Matt Saracen exuding confidence. Or Coach and Tami Taylor being bad parents. Or calling J.D. McCoy or Ray “Voodoo” Tatum you favorite Panthers quarterback. Or even Tim not drinking during the week — or better yet, actually wait until he’s 21 to open a can of Lone Star beer. It wouldn’t even make sense. 

Props to Taylor Kitsch for taking Tim Riggins to the next level. And someone call Christopher Nolan because Kitsch needs to channel his inner Tom Hardy and take this eye-acting to the big screen.

But while we’re glad Kitsch decided Tim would have a ton, to say, we’re at least glad he decided to say this: “Texas, forever, Street.”