Tilda Swinton has a cheeky message for George Clooney about raising twins

Oh, how times have changed. It seems like just yesterday that Tilda Swinton was getting good-naturedly mocked by her longtime pal George Clooney about the hardships of parenting. Swinton, who is mother to 9-year-old twins Xavier and Honor, recently told People online that George Clooney delighted in teasing her about how tired she must be all the time.

“I have twins myself and [George] always used to laugh about me looking so tired when the twins were small, and now I have the last laugh.

Things are a bit different now, of course; George Clooney is happily married to human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, and the two just welcomed their own double bundle of joy. Ella and Alexander Clooney were born earlier this week, and Swinton is torn between being delighted for her old friend and finding a great deal of humor in their reversed roles.


“I’ve just laughed. I’ve laughed at him across the airwaves.”

Clooney won’t be enjoying any sleep for a while with double trouble like a new set of twins. The family released a hilarious statement upon the birth of the babies, showing off George Clooney’s enduring sense of humor.

“Ella, Alexander, and Amal, 39, are all healthy, happy and doing fine. George, 56, is sedated and should recover in a few days.”

Congratulations to the new parents! We wonder if George Clooney will be thinking about teasing his old friend when he’s up at all hours doing late night changings and bottle feedings. Maybe Tilda Swinton will be able to offer up some helpful parenting advice — if she can stop laughing long enough, that is.