TikToker Drops Four Pant Sizes After Eating Chipotle Six Months Straight

Koli Marks shared this Chipotle hack on her page, which is dedicated to losing weight in a healthy manner.

It turns out a daily bowl of bone broth isn’t the secret to losing weight — crafting a smart-healthy Chipotle bowl is!

TikToker Koli Marks (@healthkols) has dedicated her page to helping “people lose weight in a normal way without being restrictive or doing any sort of crash dieting,” all while documenting her own weight loss journey. She’s amassed over 183K followers for her “Embrace Your Belly” pep talks and junk food hacks.

Most recently, Marks has made TikTok waves for sharing the “calorie deficit” Chipotle order that’s helped her go from a size 18 to a size 10 in six months.

Mark assures she’s “all about eating whatever the hell you want,” but explains how tweaking her OG Chipotle order to “half scoops” helped ward off the food coma she was inevitably feeling after every bowl. Consequently, she also lost weight.


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So, what is this magical weight loss Chipotle order? A half scoop of brown rice, half scoop of black beans, sofritas, fajita veggies, corn, and a little bit of cheese and sour cream, Marks shares in one of her TikTok videos.

Her “favorite hack” is to ask for lettuce on the side so it doesn’t “get all soggy.” She tops off her bowl with a drizzle of Chipotle’s honey vinaigrette, which she also requests to be on the side so she can pour it herself.

“My old order was technically the same. I would get all the same things, except instead of half a scoop, I would get extra rice. I would get extra beans, and then I would also get a tortilla on the side,” she shares.


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Once Marks learned about calorie deficit, she chose to opt out of the Chipotle’s 300-calorie tortillas.

“300 calories is a lot for being in a calorie deficit for me personally while also eating all of the bowl,” she explained.

She also stopped ordering a side of chips and guac. “That put my total calories for my old Chipotle meal at over 1,000, probably close to 1,200, maybe even more,” she said.

Bottom line, Marks says, her Chipotle order was becoming too big for her to comfortably consume in one sitting.

“I felt like I was gonna throw up after I ate Chipotle, and I was doing this like four times a week,” she recalled. “I was always, always, always eating Chipotle, and I was eating too much, and it made me feel sick.”

Her new order leaves her feeling “perfectly full” without capsizing the rest of her day. And, Marks still likes to enjoy her Chipotle bowl with Diet Coke.

“Will I eat the tortilla again one day? Will I eat the chips? Yeah, I’m allowed to eat whatever I want whenever I want. This is just how I’m eating now that’s helped me lose weight,” she said.

On that note, my stomach is rumbling so I’m heading to Chipotle!

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