8 TikTok Life Hacks That Will Actually Help You Stress Less and Save Time

From perfecting a french mani to cleaning your air fryer, TikTok University is teaching us all the things.

It’s okay to admit that you’ve fallen into a TikTok hole where you’ve found yourself endlessly scrolling watching video after video featuring fun hacks or crazy conspiracy theories. Like most millennials, chances are, you were reluctant to jump on the TikTok bandwagon, thinking it was a Gen Z-focused app with nonsensical dances—but then we all found ourselves at home more than ever (thanks, pandemic) and you caved, downloaded it, and now you’re hooked. 

We’d even go as far as saying that you’ve probably never even posted a video of your own, but thanks to TikTok’s super smart algorithm, your FYP is full of all of your favorite things (we won’t judge you if it is trendy dances) and you’ve probably discovered new products or ways to do things that you can’t imagine your life without. 

There’s no doubt TikTok has taught us all tricks we’d never thought of before. Here are 8 TikTok life hacks that will definitely save you time and help you stress less. 

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1. Get the perfect heatless curls


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♬ original sound – Aly

Thanks to TikTok, we now know gorgeous bouncy curls are easy to do using no heat. Not only are these hacks healthier for your hair, but you don’t need any extra equipment—at most, you can use simple items like socks or a robe belt.

By spending five minutes prepping your hair before bed, you’re saving time in the morning and you’ve got hair that’s ready to take on the day. Pro tip: use the twisted pigtail option on a travel day for vacation-ready hair in seconds.

2. Clean your air fryer in under five minutes


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♬ Mud Flow “the Sense of me” ( Soundtrack Life is Strange) – DOLKINS

We love the ease of an air fryer. One appliance, so many meal options… but cleaning the crusty gunk out of it can be such a pain. According to this TikTok hack, you can easily remove built-up grease and stuck-on food by simply adding water and a little dish soap to your air fryer and then letting it heat up for 3 minutes. Once it’s done, dump it out, and clean up from there should be a breeze.

3. Work smarter not harder with veggie prep


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♬ Ultimate life hacks – Kelly – The Life Bath

Cutting veggies can often be the hardest part of meal prep, but with TikTok, we’ve discovered several time-saving hacks. Easily slice cherry tomatoes using a plastic lid to hold multiple tomatoes in place, so you can do it in one quick motion.

If you’re boiling a head of broccoli, wait to cut it until after it’s been cooked. Simply place the head of the broccoli directly into the pot and remove using the stem when it’s done. Use a large knife and cut into it, and you’re good to go.

Making potato wedges? Use an apple cutter to cut your potatoes into the perfect shape.

4. Easy measuring spoon hack


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♬ Ultimate life hacks – Kelly – The Life Bath

This hack is perfect for any baking recipes or dishes where you need oil or honey or some kind of ingredient that can be sticky and messy and you just don’t want to deal with getting another spoon so dirty. All you have to do is use a teaspoon or tablespoon to make a dent in your dry ingredients, then you pour the liquid ingredient in to fill up the easily measured hole.

5. Use your neck to try on pants—no dressing room stop necessary!


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♬ original sound – Kayleigh Williamson

We’ve all been there, you’re out shopping and you see a cute pair of pants, but you just don’t have the energy or the time to try them on in the store. This TikTok shopping hack comes in clutch for these exact moments. If the waist of the pants fits around your neck, the pants should fit your body.

6. Keep your makeup off your collar


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♬ Bongo cha-cha-cha – Remastered – Caterina Valente

Do you do your makeup before you get dressed? If so, you’ve probably experienced getting foundation on your collar before you’ve even left your house. Grab a kitchen or hand towel and plop it on your head before you put your shirt on and you’ll avoid your shirt touching your face at all.

7. Clean those red stains out of plastic containers


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♬ original sound – Jules

You know the ones we’re talking about. Nearly every household has plastic containers that are stained with residue from chili night or tomato sauce. This TikTok life hack says all you have to do is put a piece of paper towel, some dish soap, and a little bit of water and shake it up for a quick and easy fix.

8. Quick and easy French tip manicure


Good idea for girls😃#foryou #diy #idea #beautiful #tipsforgirls #beautyhacks #tutorial #lifehack #try #foryoupage

♬ Victoria’s Secret – Jax

The French mani is back and this TikTok hack makes it easier than ever. All you need is a beauty sponge and some plastic wrap. Wrap the sponge in plastic wrap and paint a bit of whatever color nail polish you want to use on the tip of your nail onto the sponge. Then, gently press your nail into the polish on the sponge. Clean up the sides, and your trendy manicure is ready to go.

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