This High-Heel Hack on TikTok Claims to Be the Secret to Pain-Free Feet

The Internet is spraying its way to comfort faster than you can say "sore tootsies."

Forget about wobbling around like a baby calf an hour into your night out or packing a pair of flats in your work bag… People are standing sky-high and fancy-free in soaring heels thanks to a new TikTok trend that’s gone viral.

Search for #heelhacks on the social media behemoth and you’ll see a whopping 45 billion views of content shared by people from all walks of life who are literally kicking high-heel foot pain to the curb.

The trick is: before you put on your heels, thoroughly saturate your feet with Aspercreme numbing spray.

Labeled to “help reduce itching and pain from certain skin conditions (such as scrapes, minor skin irritations, insect bites),” the lidocaine-based spray found in drugstores has a whole new purpose… and it seems the Internet is totally here for it.

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Spraying Aspercreme on your feet can supposedly help numb them to the pain inflicted by your favorite pair of high heels. Other numbing sprays and even creams are also being used by people attempting to try this trend (no word on whether one method works better than the other).

As TikTok user @Sacheu points out, though: “it’s actually wild that we’re applying topical anesthetic to look hot…still gonna buy it tho.”

Another TikTok user named @Monica jokes, “girls, we’re gonna be walking out the club with 2 toes missing and we won’t even know it.”

Before you try this hack on your own, know that this recommendation hasn’t been backed by a doctor or podiatrist, just some heel-loving people on social, so tread (ha) carefully.

Also, the relief that comes from Aspercreme spray is only meant to be temporary, and the recommended usage is only about 3-4 times a day—so, no, you shouldn’t go crazy with dousing your feet in the stuff multiple times in one outing.

Jené Luciani Sena
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