Tigger’s hug got rejected at Disneyland and it is waaaayyy too relatable

It doesn’t matter who you are, rejection stings. This is the case even in one of the happiest places on earth when Tigger’s hug got rejected at Disneyland!

You read that right—someone actually rejected our beloved Tigger's hug and the internet has some pretty strong emotions over it.

The incident getting so much buzz involves student, Rose Tan, from Orange County, California. During a Disneyland visit, she apparently got so excited that she bypassed Tigger’s open arms and made a beeline for Rabbit. Disneyland is supposed to be the place dreams are made—not rejection!

“I ran to Rabbit first because he was my favorite when I was a kid. I totally forgot that Tigger was there but I went to hug him right after. It was pretty cute though because Rabbit was making fun of Tigger, since he didn’t get a hug first.

I think we, including Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit and friends, too, can collectively feel the sting just by the look on Tigger’s face in the picture below. I mean, can you say heartbroken?

Of course, everyone wanted to weigh in on just how closely the picture resembled actual heartbreak and, well, we’re not sure if we should laugh or cry because it’s a little to relatable (in the worst way possible)!

Tan told BuzzFeed:

“I thought the comments were so funny. I mean it does kind of represent ‘When your crush goes and hugs your best friend and not you,’ and that’s relatable because that’s happened to me before."

But, never fear, Tigger DID finally get the hug he deserves.

We SO feel your pain, Tigger. This kind of thing has happened to a lot of us, unfortunately. Hopefully next time, Tigger gets the hugs he deserves at Disneyland, and beyond! If not, we’re positive someone will post it on the internet, too.

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