“Tiger Eye Hair” is the new way to casually freshen up your look for fall

Ladies and gents who immediately rushed to the hair salon after you were introduced to the balayage, do we have a new hair trend for you! It’s called “Tiger Eye Hair,” and it’s the latest hair style that is sure to elevate your new year look!

If you need a refresher on what balayage is don’t worry we’ve got your back! The balayage hair technique is when your hair colorist hand-paints subtle highlights to flawlessly blend the color into your hair. But now there is a twist on the technique. Meet “Tiger Eye Hair,” the balayage 2.0.

If “tiger eye” sounds familiar that’s because you probably learned about this rock in your science class.. This semiprecious stone has a very distinct pattern of bronze, gold, and dark brown stripes. The only difference with the tiger eye hair trend is that instead of clearly demarcated lines (like the rock), hair colorists are applying the bronze, gold and dark brown stripe hues using the balayage technique.


According to an interview done by Byrdie, Honey Artists hairstylist Corey Tuttle may have coined the next big hair trend.

According to Byrdie,"A tiger eye is an ancient stone worn for protection and confidence — it's known for its rich browns and golds. These colors are seen blended through strands using a technique that is similar to balayage. Tuttle advises to ask your colorist for 'hand-painted caramel highlights paired with a warm or dark chocolate base.' And like balayage, it grows out seamlessly, since the roots are not necessarily dyed."

A hairstyle that will bring more clarity into our lives?! Looks like we will be adding another thing into our wellness beauty routines!

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