A woman found a tiger cub on the street in California. So that happened.

A tiger cub was found roaming around the streets of the Inland Empire in California on Thursday by himself. Yep, that’s right — an actual wild tiger baby. According to reports, a woman found the three-month-old cub and brought him to the Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto, and he has since been transferred to the Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Phelan.

Several tigers live at the animal sanctuary, so the cub won’t be alone. Yesterday, the owner of the sanctuary said that the tiger is in good condition, just a little feisty from all the attention. We imagine the feistiness might also be from just being a tiger in general. They planned on feeding him a bottle and then putting him to bed. (The Humane Society posted this video on Facebook of the cub drinking water.)

No one knows where he came from or why he was alone, but chances are someone had him illegally as a pet, and then he either escaped or they let him go. According to the owner of the Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary, people must have a special license or permit to own a tiger. We’re not super on board with wild animals like tigers living as pets, but we are really happy the cub is now safe, and we hope he continues to get the care he needs.

(Image via iStock)


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