Tiffany Haddish’s surprise cameo in Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour is the perfect addition to “Look What You Made Me Do”

To kick off her massive Reputation stadium tour, Taylor Swift pulled out all the stops. She acknowledged the 2016 Kimye drama! She pointed at her boyfriend Joe Alwyn during “Gorgeous”! She shared the stage with Tiffany Haddish…kind of! Haddish made a surprise “cameo” during the concert, but it was nothing like Swift’s 1989 tour, in which the singer paraded her famous friends down the stage. Haddish didn’t actually appear in the flesh, so to speak.

During “Look What You Made Me Do,” Haddish appeared in a pre-recorded skit to perform the now legendary “Sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because she’s dead,” line.

Tbh, enlisting Haddish to perform that interlude is a genius albeit surprising choice. It’s surprising because Haddish seems like she’s too busy conquering Hollywood but, then again, Swift seems to know every famous woman ever, so maybe it’s not that surprising at all. It’s likely that the two met when Haddish hosted Saturday Night Live and Swift was the musical guest. In their joint promos, they seemed very taken with each other.

Bless the fans for capturing Haddish’s on-screen moment during Swift’s Reputation tour.

We wonder if Haddish will always appear in Swift’s show or if a new celeb pal will perform the “Why? Because she’s dead” monologue each night? One night Haddish delivers the line, the next night Blake Lively does, the following night maybe Katy Perry (they’re friends again if you didn’t know). The possibilities are endless! Swift, call us when you need a new artistic director, we’re free.