Ellen surprised Tiffany Haddish with Oprah, and this is the light we need in the darkness

We are living in dark times, and there’s no denying it. Every day the news is inundated with horrific tragedies around the world, politics has never been more maddening, and climate change is stealthily trying to kill us all. So if you, like us, need a break from all the doom and gloom, then we have the video for you: Ellen DeGeneres, lovable player of pranks, decided to have a little fun with Oprah superfan Tiffany Haddish, and the video will literally give you a reason to keep on living.

When the Girls Trip star went on Ellen, DeGeneres told her that Oprah left the building before Tiffany could meet her. As one of Oprah’s biggest fans, Tiffany was, of course, bummed, but being the awesome, positive person that she is, she didn’t dwell on it. She went on to describe a business plan she created for her and Oprah to go around to farmers markets and sell vegetables. It was adorable watching her pitch her business idea to Ellen, especially considering she even brought a *legit binder* to hold her proposal.

Little did she know that Ellen was pranking her the entire time. The host brought out Oprah as a big surprise, and, you guys, Tiffany’s reaction was priceless. Her reaction was real. Her reaction was all of us meeting Oprah for the first time.

Not only was Tiffany crying real tears, but that giddy dancing before their big hug will make you dance a little in your seat. Their hug will breathe life into your day, clear up your acne, pay all your bills. Tiffany telling Oprah, “I love you!” and Oprah telling Tiffany, “You are so, so, so, so good. I’m so proud of you,” will make you feel like you’re in the room, holding hands with them, too. And Ellen sitting back and letting this moment unfold naturally is perfect. She knows exactly what she did and that she doesn’t need to do more.


Feel free to watch this life-changing moment five or six more times, we won’t judge. We’re already on re-watch number seven.