Tiffany Haddish is Groupon’s new spokesperson thanks to her hilarious swamp tour story

Tiffany Haddish is a self-proclaimed “huge Groupon fan,” and thanks to her viral Groupon swamp tour story, the actress is now the new face of the brand. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in July 2017, Haddish told the story of how she took Will and Jada Pinkett Smith on a New Orleans swamp tour ride that she purchased through Groupon. Afterwards, nobody could stop talking about the “Tiffany Haddish Groupon story.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Haddish will star in a few ads for Groupon, including their Super Bowl spot. Based off her Kimmel story, it’s clear that Haddish is a big Groupon fan, but the brand revealed on their website that “she’s actually in the top 1% of Groupon customers and has saved a whopping $6,000 since she signed up in 2013.”

“Everyone knows I’m a huge @Groupon fan and guess what? They made me their spokesperson. That’s right, I am now the official spokesperson for Groupon! So get your Groupon on with me. #SaveLikeTiffany,” the comedienne tweeted earlier today.

It’s honestly about time that Groupon gave her an endorsement deal, she’s basically been giving them free promo for years!

“Nobody knows Groupon like I know Groupon,” Haddish said in the same press release. “I’ve been speaking out for them for years. In fact, I should have already been their spokesperson. I’ve invested lots of money into buying Groupon deals, and it’s about time I got an even bigger return on my investment than just saving money at my favorite local businesses.”

Haddish revealed that she once went to Thailand and China for $1400 using a Groupon and “ate really weird things and lost seven pounds.” She also says that you should buy Groupons to use on a first date because you can “make love at an affordable price.” We seriously cannot wait for this Super Bowl ad.

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