Tiffany Haddish got real about why she’s considered “aggressive” with men, and this is heartbreaking

Since her breakout role in 2017’s Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish has seemingly taken over the world — in the best way possible. And even though she’s known for her signature hilarity, the star has experienced her share of real-life struggle, much of which shaped her into the person she is today. In a candid new interview, Haddish opened up about how her bold persona is actually in part a defense mechanism.

In Glamour‘s September 2018 cover story, published today, July 31st, Haddish referenced her “aggressive” persona.

"I noticed that men are afraid of women that are aggressive. So to protect myself I become semi-aggressive," she said. "You hear about, 'Tiffany always hitting on somebody,' but that’s to keep them from hitting on me."

The star (who has previously opened up about being raped by a police cadet when she was 17 years old) also said, “I’ve had experiences where directors or producers are like, ‘You want this job?’ I might get real bossy and say, ‘First off, don’t nobody want to see your little dick!’ I get loud, all that.’”

While it’s 100% healthy for a woman to be aggressive if she so chooses, it’s admittedly heartbreaking that Haddish — and so many women — are forced to change themselves in order to feel safe around men.

We’re glad the star is being so open about her experiences, because conversation is the first step toward awareness, and awareness is the first step toward change. We have a feeling Haddish’s candor will get many others talking about their lived realities.

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