Tiffany Haddish said she once saw an actress bite Beyoncé on the face, and WTF?

Ready for the weirdest celebrity news story you’ll hear all week? Actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish said that she once saw an actress bite Beyoncé on the face at a party. Bite, like, with her teeth. OMG.

Now, when you’re someone who is as powerful and popular as Beyoncé, you probably get used to people acting strange around you, maybe overstepping their boundaries, or making you feel uncomfortable. But having someone bite you on the face? That’s a serious WTF moment right there.

In a delightful profile in GQ, Haddish opened up about a lot of things, including her experiences with music superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The most noteworthy story she shared, though, was the one involving Queen Bey’s face-biting incident, which happened at a party last December. Haddish said,

"There was this actress there that's just, like, doing the mostest. She bit Beyoncé in the face."

Uh, what? Haddish continued with the story, which sounds almost too crazy to be true, saying, “So Beyoncé stormed away, went up to Jay-Z, and was like, ‘Jay! Come here! This bitch-’ and snatched him. They went to the back of the room. I was like, ‘What just happened?’ And Beyoncé’s friend walked up and was like, ‘Can you believe this bitch just bit Beyoncé?’”

And that’s not even all of it — if you want details of the rest of the night, check out the GQ profile, because it’s worth it.

As much as we would love to know which actress had the nerve to bite Queen Bey on the face (how is this a thing that happened?), Haddish declined to name who it was. And according to GQ, Beyoncé’s representative, Yvette Noel-Schure, said, “I absolutely cannot comment on any of this, as I have no knowledge.”

This is a story Haddish has been holding in for a while. In February, she started to discuss that same night on TV One’s Uncensored, telling a story about an actress who put her hand on Jay-Z’s chest.

She said, “Beyoncé came walking up like, ‘Bitch!’ But she didn’t say that. Her demeanor, her body, the way she walked up on her was like, ‘Get your hand off my man’s chest.’” Haddish added, “Some other stuff happened [with the actress], but I ain’t gonna say nothing yet.” Now we know the other stuff!

As Billboard points out, Beyoncé’s recent single “Top Off” might reference that night and Haddish’s story. In one verse, Bey says, “If they’re trynna party with the queen, they gon’ have to sign a non-disclosure.”

Yikes! The drama!

For her part, though, Haddish has said she loves the song:

Since telling her story, Haddish has had to deal with the wrath of the Beyhive on Twitter:

Is it wrong that we really want to know the name of the actress who bit Beyoncé? It seems unlikely that info will ever be revealed, but one can hope.

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