We can’t stop crushing on this TikToker’s tie-dye makeup

During quarantine, tie-dying has become one of the most popular DIY pastimes. People are finding new ways to dye any and all things, and I thought it was my turn to give the trend a creative twist. Instead of tie-dying my favorite pair of sweats, I sat down at my vanity and decided to create a tie-dye makeup look. 

The great thing about this look is it only requires one eyeshadow palette, an eyeliner, mascara, and a pair of lashes. To start my tie-dye makeup look, I prime my lids with the Eden Primer Potion by Urban Decay. This primer is a cult favorite, and I used the Eden version of it since it has a white base that makes colors pop. Next, it’s time to jump into the fun stuff: eyeshadow! For this look I used a rainbow-colored eyeshadow from Violet Voss, and while the exact palette I used is sold out, a very similar product is the Slush II Palette by the Black-owned beauty brand September Rose Cosmetics.


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To create the shape of this tie-dye curve over your crease, use a short tapered brush like the Morphe E32 to create short, quick strokes upward with the electric blue shade in the shape of a fan. Note that you want to use a tapered brush so you can get a slightly diffused line. If you used something like a liner brush, the lines would be too straight and thin for this tie-dye look. Also, don’t worry about making it look even—the look doesn’t have to be perfect since you’ll be adding multiple layers of colorful strokes that’ll help mask any imperfections. Plus, practice makes perfect. Next, just a bit lower but in between the blue strokes, make upward strokes with an electric purple shade. Then, once again, create another layer of strokes below the purple shade with a hot pink eyeshadow.

After that, it’s time to pack on color. You’ll notice that you are below your crease now, so it’s time to continue creating the illusion of a rainbow. Get a packer brush like the Sephora PRO Crease Brush #27—it’s great because it has medium-length, spaced-out bristles that pick up a lot of pigment at once and make it very easy to pack on color. Using this brush, dip into the bright orange shade and create your next layer, but instead of strokes, simply pack on the pigment in the same fan shape. Follow suit with a neon green shade, and finish up by applying a bright yellow shade. This should be closest to your lash line. To amp up the look, I used the bright green shade and smoked out my lower lash line. 


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To finish off the look, I first apply some black liquid liner to my upper lash line to give my eyes more depth, followed by mascara and then some fluffy lashes to make my eyes pop. Currently, I’m loving the Honest Beauty Extreme Lash Mascara + Primer and the #BABYDOLL by Baddie B lashes. If you want to see how to get the look IRL, check out my TikTok video below:

And there you have it: a fun and easy tie-dye makeup look! 

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