It was only a matter of time: Tie-dye hair is the newest hair trend

If you’ve never had the experience of tie-dyeing a shirt for camp, or a school club, or because you just discovered Woodstock and the Summer of Love, it goes something like this: You soak a white or other similarly light shirt in different dyes, and after some ~*magic*~ (it’s not actually magic), your shirt comes out in a swirl of colors. It’s a time-honored tradition that introduces dyeing to kids, so it’s no surprise that hair colorists, those wizards and witches of follicular transformation, have brought tie-dye to the hair-dyeing world.

Meet tie-dye hair, the brainchild of wonder stylist Rickey Zito. As part of a collaboration with Pravana, purveyor of every color combo under the sun, Zito put one lucky model’s locks through a modified tie-dye process. Just like with a clean shirt, you section portions of hair off, dye those section different shades to form a “pattern,” and then wash the dye out. The effect is, in a word, stunning:

Dang! Oh, what’s that, you want an action shot?

Hello, please invite us to the tie-dye party where we get hair like THAT.

Now to be fair, hair dyers on Instagram have been using the #tiedyehair tag forever. Though they don’t quite look like Zito’s masterful (and no-bleed) creation, these iterations of tie-dyed hair are also totally cool.

In this case, the colorist took the tie-dye inspiration to the next level:

Regardless of whatever iteration this takes, tie-dye hair: Yes, please. Watch Zito’s tutorial for his process below, and just try to keep your jaw off the floor.

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Images via Instagram and courtesy of Rickey Zito/Pravana.

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