Tie-dye hair will give you all the summer camp vibes

Summer is almost upon us! High five emojis all around. If, like us, you’re craving some summer nostalgia, there’s a new beauty trend that’s been brought to our attention, thanks to Sam Escobar of Good Housekeeping. And it will TAKE YOU BACK to the summertime of your youth. TBH we’re kind of obsessed. Shibori hair, a tie dyed hair technique, is making us re-live our summer camp days in all their row boating, Kumbaya-singing glory.


So, what exactly is Shibori? It’s a super rad Japanese tie dying technique that looks like this:

It’s totally gorgeous as a textile, but even more stunning on hair. TRUST.

Tanya Ramirez, a hair artist in Hollywood, California, has invented a coloring technique that gives hair a beautiful Shibori effect. We’re in awe. Check it out:

Doesn’t it make you want to cannonball into a swimming pool and roast marshmallows on the beach? Yaaasss. Shibori hair is even prettier when it moves:

On Insta, Ramirez writes, “I’ve wanted to create this look for at least three years. I finally felt skilled enough to achieve my vision.” She totally nailed it. You can watch Ramirez bring her vision to life in a video here. It’s a true work of art!

Here are more variations of tie-dye hair for ~inspiration~:


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