The internet thinks the new Tide box looks like boxed wine, and did we learn nothing from Tide pods?

It’s been almost a year since we first heard of the Tide pod challenge (aka when people realized that Tide pods looked, well, really yummy—so much so that some teens actually ingested them). And just when we thought the world had returned to some vague form of laundry-related sanity, it seems that a number of astute Twitter users just noticed that Tide’s latest box looks uncannily like…boxed wine.

Yep. As CNN reports, the new box is designed to make shipping more efficient. However, the new design also includes a small nob that looks almost identical to the pouring mechanism on some brands of (non-bottled) wine.

And, as usual, Twitter has thoughts.

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For every new product, there will undoubtedly be some fresh new Twitter burns—and we’re not complaining. And it should go without saying…but please don’t drink Tide, guys (we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it).

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