Tia Mowry-Hardrict: From “Sister, Sister” to “Instant Mom”

Tia Mowry-Hardrict does it all! From being a wife and mother, to television star and entrepreneur, she appears to seamlessly juggle both a career and family life.

We all first saw her and twin sister Tamera on Sister, Sister, as twins separated at birth who then run into one another as teens, a show that I watched religiously growing up! More recently, Tia has starred in the reality series Tia and Tamera where we see the sisters go through different aspects of their relationship, including the occasional disagreement, but we always see how important they are to one another.  This past season on the show, both sisters adjusted to motherhood while working on their respective careers. On her new sitcom, Instant Mom, Tia plays a young, hip woman who marries an older man and becomes step-mother to his 3 children.

Fortunately, Tia had some time in the midst of her busy schedule to answer some questions for HelloGiggles. I got a chance to ask her about being a working mom, why she adopted the vegan lifestyle and if the reality show has affected her relationship with Tamera.

I have been a fan of yours since “Sister, Sister” and have followed your career. I’m happy that you are back on television again in “Instant Mom”! Tell me about your character, Stephanie. Is she different from any other character you have played before?

Stephanie is very vibrant, energetic, sassy and fun. She’s a great step mom. She’s definitely different than any character I’ve previously played, as I’ve never played a mom before!

On your reality show “Tia and Tamera”, we get to see you and your twin sister Tamera go through ups and downs. Do you think the two of you are communicating better because of the show?

Absolutely. We’re able to see our strengths and weaknesses very clearly.

You recently found out that the two of you are in fact identical. Do you think anything would have changed between you and Tamera if you found out you were fraternal?

Not at all.

Your two new products through Need Brands, Milky, for breastfeeding, and Stretchy, for stretchmarks, are helping so many new moms. I think there was a necessity for both products, as there aren’t many on the market. Tell me about how you and Tamera came up with the idea.

We came up with the products because we became very aware that there was a need for them during our own pregnancies, and wanted future new moms to have access to them.

Now that you are back to work on a television show, how are you handling being a working mom?

I take it a day at a time. I prioritize. My family and son come first, my perspective has changed. All of the work I do, is for Cree.

I recently saw your PETA ad, which looks great! What made you go vegan?

I struggled for years with migraines and eczema. Changing my eating habits to a vegan lifestyle basically cured me of those ailments and has kept me feeling very healthy and full of life and energy.

Tell me about how you keep fit, besides eating healthy. What kinds of workouts do you do? Do you have a set routine or do you change them up?

I love dance cardio, yoga and Pilates. I change my workouts up often which keeps me from getting bored and keeps me excited and enthusiastically about fitness.

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