“Thundersnow” is a thing and it’s happening in Arizona

It may sound like something from a science fiction novel, but no. Thundersnow is a very real phenomenon, and if you live in Arizona, you might have seen it.

Flagstaff, Arizona is currently in the midst of some pretty wild weather. Not only are residents getting hit with crazy thunderstorms and lightning, but it’s also snowing. And not just any kind of snowing. The U.S. National Weather Service reports “near blizzard” conditions in a video they posted of the conditions.

That’s not all people are reporting, however. The combination of these events has resulted in thundersnow, which is a thunderstorm, minus the rain, plus a healthy dose of snow (you might have caught a glimpse of it yourself during Winter Storm Jonas).

While the occurrence of thundersnow can be pretty hard to document, a resident did send this picture to Flagstaff’s National Weather Service which gives you a rough idea of the craziness: