“Thunder Thighs” is our body-positive summer anthem

Summer is slowly approaching — and for some, that’s a trigger to feel kind of bad about the way we look. And that’s why we’re so happy that a song like “Thunder Thighs” exists. “Thunder Thighs” is an anthem to help us celebrate ourselves, regardless of our shape.

Created by feminist musician Miss Eaves, the music video for the song features gorgeous women of all shapes, sizes, cultures, and ages. The song will appear on her upcoming album Feminasty, which will be out in August.

The video, which was filmed in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn, also proves that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with rockin’ a pair of Mom Jeans. Hey, if they’re flattering, they shouldn’t be on the Do Not Wear list.


With lyrics like “Thick thighs, they defy these tights,” we definitely feel the desire to strut our stuff in confidence. Might as well stock up on sundresses.

We definitely think the song celebrates everyone. It’s a reminder that nobody should be ashamed to showcase themselves this summer.

"I love wearing sundresses, so in the summer chub rub is a constant struggle," Miss Eaves said in an interview with The Muse. "I wrote 'Thunder Thighs' last summer after a particularly hot day when I came home and started listening to a beat KEISHH sent me. Thanks to a lifetime of experience having thick thighs, I was able to write the song in about an hour.

Of course, the track has been getting mixed reviews on the internet. Miss Eaves had the perfect response to those who might not have understood the catchy anthem.


The artist also noted that it was important for all of her music to come from a real, genuine place. In her words, “this track is really about me embracing my body but also finding the humor in issues thicker people face.” We think she definitely succeeded.