This throwback pic of Miley Cyrus as a toddler is excruciatingly adorable

Every time we see Miley Cyrus, she’s performing her butt off on stage, or simply living life as the badass trailblazer that she is. But along with posting many family photos from her Cyrus family reunion, Cyrus stumbled upon an angelic photo of herself as a toddler, before all the mega-fame and dyed hair and tattoos and twerking.

In other words, back in a time that we can’t quite imagine.

And unsurprisingly, she’s the cutest little thing in the world! You can see that hint of cheekiness and attitude creeping in, which makes this photo a total keeper. Ready to go back to where it all began?

Ahhhhhhh! She’s looks soooo innocent. And that long Goldilocks hair! Clearly she already knew how to work the camera like a boss, because her pose is so effortless and confident. Future Hannah Montana, right here.

via giphyWe’re super glad and proud that this girl grew up to be Miley Cyrus, who continues to speak her mind no matter what, and inspire us with her talent (and ever-changing wardrobe).

via giphyNot to mention the fact that she’s socially and politically conscious and working for the greater good.

Here’s a photo from the Cyrus family reunion, with Miley standing out in her signature style. How does she manage to crush it ALL the freaking time? No idea…but she makes it happen in a way that’s all her own.

Feeling so grateful for everything Miley right now, the only problem is…we need more throwback photos from yesteryear! Dig up a couple more, Miley? Please and thank you!

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