We have more exciting throwback news for season 2 of ‘Girl Meets World’!

At this rate, there won’t be any Boy Meets World characters left untapped for guest appearances by season 3 of Girl Meets World . The latest old familiar face to stop by the set of the Disney Channel show is none other than Shawn Hunter’s once long-lost brother, Jack. Is this the beginning of one big giant family reunion?

Ben Savage’s Instagram reveals a picture of him, Will Friedle (Eric), Peyton Meyer (Lucas, Riley’s friend), Anthony Tyler Quinn (Mr. Turner), and Matthew Lawrence. Yup, that sound you hear is a million girls swooning, because the only person who could ever match Shawn’s suave self was his suave older half-brother.

Before we start getting too excited about a cameo appearance, Disney Channel — who spoke to BuzzFeed — says Lawrence was only there visiting the set for the day. Oh, sure, just “visiting” the set, like how Mr. Feeny, Angela, Minkus, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, and EVERYONE ELSE have just “visited” the set, too. We see you, Disney Channel. We see you.

So while we might not be getting a true reunion of the Hunter boys for season 2 yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. As Savage’s Instagram clearly even reads, they’re all family. Family always sticks together, and that includes popping in and out of Girl Meets World all the darn time.

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