Meet the three-year-old girl who is absolutely crushing the Halloween costume game

Meet Willow! At only three years old, she’s already a social media sensation with her own special hashtag, #DressUpWillow. She’s also giving us some serious Halloween fashion goals, because she might be a toddler, but she’s taken the art of dressing up to staggering new level.

Yep, that’s Willow all decked out as Red from Orange is the New Black. We said she was slaying the whole costume thing, right? Because WOW. Look, there are even “prisoners” milling around in the background to give her costume an added air of authenticity. We bow down, Willow. How is this happening? I mean, she’s three. When I was three, my Halloween costume was a drugstore Tinkerbell purchase with one of those plastic masks that gets all damp and sweaty inside when you breathe. (How’s that for a visual?) Willow has a little help, though. Her mom, Gina Lee, is a professional photographer. A completely amazing photographer, TBH, and she obviously does all of Willow’s costume styling and snaps the adorable photos. (Again, where was my stylist when I was a toddler? WHERE, you guys?!) We have to say, Gina and Willow make an amazing team. Because they don’t stop at just one costume. Willow dresses up as a whole host of characters for Halloween, and each one is just as impressive as the next. So far this year, in addition to Orange is the New Black, she’s taken inspiration from Cracker Jack…

Magical Vegas legends Siegfried & Roy (OMG, this is epic.)

The Mickey Mouse Club (altogether now…M-I-C-K-E-Y…)

Baywatch (DYING)

And the Clinique cosmetics counter. (Wow, that moisturizer really DOES make your skin look younger!)

But our absolute fave might be her Burt’s Bees-themed costume, complete with a heavily-beareded Burt. Natch.

As you can probably tell, this isn’t Willow’s first rodeo. Mom Gina has been dressing her up for Halloween and capturing the awesomeness on film every year. Here’s a collage of Willow’s costumes from 2014, which pretty much shows why she’s already a fashion legend at age three. (Can you even with that Björk swan costume? Because I can’t. I absolutely cannot.)

There’s more, though. To check out the complete #DressUpWillow fashion show, visit @ginalee on Instagram.

BRB, working on my Halloween costume from now until Oct. 31.

[All images via @ginalee on Instagram.]

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