There are only three ways women are photographed for “Rolling Stone” and they do not make us feel great

Kelsey McKinney over at Fusion brought something pretty crazy to our attention this week. We already knew that the dude to girl ratio on Rolling Stone covers was pretty dismal (like, try 4:1 dismal). However, when women DO get a cover, McKinney points out that they are photographed one of only three ways: With a shirt (but without a bra), with a bra (but without a shirt), or ladies get a super-duper close-up headshot (so you can’t really tell much about the shirt/bra situation). It seems like if you’re a girl who likes to get her picture taken with her bra AND shirt on, and have it be very obvious that you are wearing a shirt AND a bra, you are a lady non grata in the world of Rolling Stone cover models.

But what of the dudes? How do dudes get photographed for the cover? Is there a marked difference between how ladies and gentlemen are treated? We decided to take a look at some of Rolling Stone’s recent covers and see if we can spot some differences.

Hello ladies of Litchfield! Let’s see, no bras, check and check, cool.

Ringo gets a shirt AND a jacket, well played, Ringo, who did you bribe in wardrobe?

Madge gets a close-up! She very well may be wearing a shirt and a bra, but we can’t tell because, you know, close-up. Probably not though, we’re not seeing any straps, but there could be a tube top situation going on here, who knows?

Sam Smith ALSO gets a leather jacket. We’re sensing a pattern…

No bra for you, Nicky Minaj!

Kendrick Lamar gets a jacket, but the faceless lady attending to him is wearing a crop top that looks SUSPICIOUSLY like a bra…

We finally get a dude who’s not wearing a jacket! But it’s the Hulk, so…

We can’t tell if Stevie is wearing a bra here, but we do see straps, which indicate… something. In any event, she’s wearing a hat and gloves and sleeves, that’s a LOT of clothing for a Rolling Stone cover.  Way to shake it up, Rolling Stone, you’re exploring yourself and trying new things, respect.

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