Three Steps to Becoming A Fashion Forward Fella

THIS post will not be all about Ryan Gosling. Who am I kidding? Yes, it will be and there are good reasons. Ryan Gosling can consider himself an actor, singer (remember the “I can’t really sing, I have to sing goofy” moment in Blue Valentine? Adorable.) and probably one of the most handsome men on the planet, but he is also fashion conscious and fashion forward. Men- take notes! The one to watch this year and every year after, is the Gangster Squad actor himself.

Let’s see why…

Suits, suits, suits. The most attractive outfit a man can wear is a well-tailored suit. Ryan is occasionally seen in coloured suits such as the green Gucci number he pulled off on the Ides of March premiere. Or his recent venture down the red carpet in brown for Gangster Squad. Not many men can pull of brown…in fact nobody should be able to pull of brown, which just shows how perfect Mr Gosling can make any outfit. His defining moment in the suit category has to be during the Cannes film festival with this dashing burgundy suit.

The colour is perfect, it has been tailored to perfection, the bow tie completes the outfit perfectly and Ryan Gosling just looks perfect…did I say that already?

Alongside that suit, guys, try rocking the bearded look. Understandably, not all men can pull off stubble or a full beard without looking like a mirror image of Tom Hanks in Castaway, but if you’ve got it, rock it. Our humble model Mr Gosling is one of those lucky people who suits clean shaven, stubble and most importantly the beautiful full beard.

Honestly, there is nothing more attractive on a man than well groomed hair and facial hair, so go get yourself some V05 and take an extra ten minutes in front of the mirror for yourself.

Now, you’re not all film stars with big budgets and red carpet events every Wednesday night, so here’s a little helping hand on the casual look. There’s no need to walk about town in a Hollister jumper and Adidas tracksuit bottoms. That’s what 14 year old boys drinking on a street corner wear. No, a simple plain shirt, top or coloured cardigan number paired with well fitting jeans (this is directed to you boys who have your jeans falling over your bum 99% of the time) and a nice pair of shoes – try brogues or trainers that match your outfit – is great for the fashion conscious man on a budget.

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