What the world’s most glorious cakes look like

Raise your hand if you love cake. So, all of us? Cool. Just making sure.

I don’t expect much from cake beyond good flavor and great frosting. I’m not a Cake Boss, nor an Ace of Cakes, if you will. When I make cake, I don’t have the patience for much beyond a simple frosting, because that gets in the way of the eating part. The last cake I ate was straight out of the pan alone in my kitchen, Miranda Hobbs style. So yeah, Threadcakes puts me to shame. And makes me hungry.

The Threadcakes competition turns cake baking into a work of art. To participate (anyone can!), just choose a Threadless T-shirt design and bring it to life with flour, eggs and a little bit of love. Check out some of the jaw-dropping entries below!

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