Thousands of toy eggs washed up on a German beach and the pictures are intense

What could be more enchanting and colorful than a thousand plastic round eggs washing up on to a German shore? Well, probably a lot of things, but a thousand colored plastic eggs washing up this week on the North sea coast on the island of Langeoog and it’s really a sight to be seen. Each little toy, lining the sand on the beach were greeted by tons of curious German children.

Reports say that police suspect the toy eggs came from a freighter that “lost part of its cargo during an intense storm,” according to NPR. Now, the eggs have been collected by the residents of Langeoog and everyone seems to be intrigued.

Of course with the happiness of the gifts also come the reality of the trash that washed up on their shoreline. Mayor Uwe Garrels told the Associated Press, “At first I thought this was a wonder, because everything was so colorful and so on, but then we realized that this is a huge mess in the end. ”

However, giving the grey landscape a little bit of hue was something more personable in each little tiny egg: a special little toy, probably similar to the once semi-banned Kinder eggs. The toys in each of the eggs contained assembly instructions and must to the surprise of everyone, the text was written in Russian and unreadable by the German children. Nevertheless, the mayor, allowed the kindergartners to skip out on school to pick up the toys along the shore. In an interview with NPR, Garrels said, “The surprise eggs have found their way to freedom.”

Oh, to be a little toy egg.

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