All the thoughts you have when sexting

Sexting is a thing that has happened to most adult humans by now. It’s a safe way to do sexy time things without actually doing them. It can also be a way to feel closer to your person when he/she isn’t in the same location as you. But no matter how totally normal it is to sext these days, it can still feel weird while doing it. Maybe not as weird as during phone or Skype sex, but still weird. But, of course, it can also feel good and be super fun, because duh.

Since sexting can elicit all kinds of thoughts, it might be nice to know that some of those thoughts are universal. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof with all the thoughts that pop into your head while sexting:

I hope I’m not the only one super into this right now.

Legit concern. Nothing worse than getting super into it while the person on the other end is watching a movie and eating a bag of Doritos.

I’m not into this at all right now.

Because you’re watching a movie and eating a bag of Doritos.

Is someone standing over my shoulder?

You need a pair of those spy sunglasses so you can see if anyone’s creeping up on you without turning your head around 12 times in 30 seconds.

Is my face red?

It’s for sure red, and everyone is staring at me, probably.

Omg my mom is calling. Can she see me?

She has the worst timing.

Killin’ it.

I’m really good at this. I should do this more often.

I literally have run out of words to type.

Maybe I’ll just copy and paste things I’ve already typed?

Why are there no sexy time emojis? 

I’m running out of words, so emojis would really help right about now.

This eggplant will do.

Yep, perfect.

He/she hasn’t responded. Was that too much?

I knew the eggplant was a bad idea.

Wait. Did I just send this to the wrong person?


I hope he/she doesn’t expect me to do this IRL.


I hope he/she will do this IRL.

Actually, I could be into this.

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