All the thoughts we had while Netflix was down

There are a lot of things that could be the worst, but the actual worst is when Netflix is down. Because then, now what? How are you supposed to keep binging [insert your own binge here]? It’s like time completely stops when you can’t get the beautiful red screen to buffer, and you’re forced to do find something else to do. Can you even remember a time before just turning on Netflix and letting it run for hours on end? Did we as a society like… go outside?

Tuesday afternoon, this worst fear came true. Just after 7pm EST, Netflix tweeted out that yes, they were experiencing some technical difficulties. The site was down for just over an hour, and that is a a full episode and a half of Gilmore Girls that you’re now behind.

That’s when everyone took to Twitter to completely freak out, and make the same “how do we Netflix and chill?” joke again and again.

Thankfully, Netflix jumped on the issue, and it was quickly resolved. Full blown crisis AVERTED. Phew.

So, congrats on making it through the Netflix Outage of November ’16, everyone. It’s made us all that much stronger. Never forget.

Image via NBC

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